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Terms and Conditions

Reservation & payment

Reservations will be confirmed by e-mail. When receiving a confirmation, we ask an advance payment of 50% of the total amount to be payed per bank within 14 days. Only after receipt of the advance payment the reservation will be final. The remaining 50% of the total amount must be received by us not later than two weeks before the date op arrival.


Prices shown on the website are in Euro’s and per person per night and included breakfast. Prices can be adjusted at any time.

Weekdays & Weekends

The weekdays are: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The days we consider the weekend are: Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Exceptions are weekends which are part of a holiday like Easter. Then the extra day(s) is also regarded as a weekend day. During weekends, beds and rooms can only be rented for a minimum of 2 nights, unless agreed otherwise after consultation.


Cancellation must always be communicated by e-mail and be confirmed in writing by us. Cancelation of rooms can only be in their entirety, not per bed. The costs are for those who cancel. If the person cancelling wishes to have his or her place taken by another person, this is possible, provided that all obligations and right of the canceling participant confer to the new participant. In that case no cancellation costs will be charged to the original participant.


• If canceled up to four weeks before arrival, 100% of the total amount will be refunded;
• If canceled between two and four weeks before arrival, 50% of the applicable amount will be refunded;
• No refund will be given if you cancel up to one week before the date of arrival.


When you make a reservation at Bâton Rouge, you automatically accept the terms and conditions that are in place. Make sure you read these before entering the agreement. The person who enters into the agreement for the benefit of himself and/or third parties is solely liable for all obligations arising from this agreement. We, Ben & Het s.p.r.l., do not accept liability for personal injury, material damage and/or consequential damage of any kind, caused to or caused by guests and/or third parties, to the property and on the premises. The organization is not liable for damage as a result of calamities and/or other reasons of force majeure. The person who enters into a travel contract for himself or others is solely liable for all obligations arising from that agreement. Residence of person and vehicle is entirely at your own risk.

Motorlodge Regulations

When you are a guest at Motorlodge Bâton Rouge, you must comply with the rules of conduct as laid down in the Motorlodge Regulations.

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