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Bâton Rouge, be a guest and feel like coming home!

Bâton Rouge is a cozy Motor Lodge located in the heart of the Belgian Ardennes. It's located in a beautiful and strategic location near the Northern tip of Luxembourg.
This makes it easy to enter Luxembourg, the German Eiffel and of course the Belgian Ardennes.

You can safely park your motorbike in our large indoor garage, which is located on the street side.

We offer a couple of nice driving routes on this website, GPS ready, but there are more routes available at the lodge, We will happily help you to transfer these to your GPS.
We can even provide you with tailor-made driving routes and further assistance on GPS systems.


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Reservation and information requests are to be submitted by e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
If you wish to make a last minute reservation, or in case of emergency, you can call +32 (0) 803 984 01.

Rooms and rates

Baton Rouge is a relatively small lodge with:

3 double rooms with dividable beds (1 double or 2 single beds)
1 quadruple room
A small sleeping area which provides room for 8 people without bunkbeds.
A large sleeping area equipped with spacious bunk beds which provides room for about 12 people.

The rooms and sleeping areas are not equipped with private bathrooms or toilets. There is a mixed shower area and toilets on the central part of the floor.
All beds have an extra blanket and a towel is provided per guest.

All prices are in Euro’s, per person and include breakfast. Prices do not include Tourist tax of €1,50 p.p.p.n.
During weekends it’s only possible to book a minimum of two nights.


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Bâton Rouge is located in a beautiful and strategic location just North of Luxembourg, so you easily enter Luxembourg, the Eiffel and of course the Belgian Ardennes.

We offer a couple of nice driving routes on this website, GPS ready, but there are more routes available at the lodge. We will happily help you to transfer these routes to your GPS. We can even provide you with tailor-made driving routes and further assistance on GPS systems. 

Ben's Bar

Let me start with saying, that many years ago, when Hetty and I started this business, I had no real idea where it all would lead to, I surely could not have imagined that I would be writing this story about my bar and the large range of delicious beer.

When we opened in 2003, we only had one refrigerator with some soft drinks, bottles of Jupiler beer, Kriekenbier and Chouffe beer, which was my first introduction to Belgian specialty beer while living in the Ardennes. As the renovations progressed and my knowledge of Belgian special beers expanded, the bar also had to be bigger, so I would be able to market these beers better.

The current bar downstairs originates from a café in Peer and was meant to be demolished. Because the owner thought it was a shame to let it go to waste, the three of us deconstructed the bar in Peer and rebuilt it to its original state in our own bar! We are glad things turned out this way and are still very content with it.

We found the first 3 beer taps on a brocante market, just outside the village of Vielsalm. It was the first step of creating an awesome looking bar.

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During the season (March-October), Hetty prepares a delicious meal every evening with local fresh produce. There is no fixed menu at Baton Rouge, but we prepare dishes based on seasonal produce and availability of different cuts of meat.

A delicious three-course meal is prepared every day, always different and executed with a lot of love and care.

On Saturdays we always have a BBQ, even if the weather lets us down. The complete setup is moved onto the porch, so everything stays warm and dry. The meat served at our BBQ is carefully selected from regional suppliers and the different salads served with it are always freshly homemade.

Allergy & diet

Because we prepare everything in our own kitchen, we can accommodate in all special wishes related to allergies, diets and specific eating habits.
If you have a food allergy or strict diet, please let us know when booking a room, so we can take this into account when planning meals and purchasing provisions.


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Bendert, Hetty and Bâton Rouge

It all started in the summer of 1994….

We met in 1994, and during our very first date we were fooling around and fantasizing about having a motor lodge in the Belgian Ardennes.

Back then Ben was working at a company in trailer accessories and I (Hetty) had a job in the hotel business. The both of us already loved driving motorcycles. Ben was the proud owner of a Laverda 1200th Anniversary and I had a Honda Shadow, which wasn’t a real motorbike according to Ben. So the Honda Shadow was quickly traded for a Laverda.

After living together for a couple of years in a tiny upstairs apartment, we found our first real house in the town of Schoonhoven. The house was perfect for us, it had a garage for the motorbikes and it was also beautiful to look at. Our first home!

Ben’s employer moved its business to Schoonhoven, so Ben could ride his bicycle to work each day. I found a new job in my old profession at a photographer in the area. We were completely settled in Schoonhoven!

In 1997 we tied the knot and got married. I picked up my studies in the hotel business so I had the right “papers” to start a business. Within the year, Ben’s employer was so successful that it needed more space and decided to move the entire company to the city of Venray.

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